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Need to synchronize multiple SoundTraps over large distances?

The ST-GPS is a GPS receiver for external connection to SoundTrap ST300 recorders. By providing SoundTrap with GPS position and timing information it enables accurate audio synchronisation and precise geographic location. Exactly what you need for sound source localisation!

The ST-GPS must be located above the surface to receive GPS signals. A cable connects it with the SoundTrap recorder down below, the length of which can be specified to your requirements. The SoundTrap then logs the GPS data alongside audio.

The ST-GPS has its own internal battery that is good for around 8 days. Longer deployments are possible by using the optional ST300B external battery pack.

Example applications include drifting platforms and moored acoustic stations.

Please note that this product provides time and location data only. It is up to the user to implement the data processing and calculations required for sound source localisation.

No cable included – must be order separately.

This product has a 10 week production lead time – please contact us to confirm.



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