SoundTrap Host V4.0.19 (23rd November 2023)

Caveats. While every care has been taken in producing the SoundTrap Host software, this is free software offered as is in the hope that it will be useful: there is no warranty, implied or otherwise, nor implication of fitness for any particular purpose.

Download SoundTrap Host Software V4.0.19 For Windows 32 bit

Download SoundTrap Host Software V4.0.19 For Windows 64 bit

Release 4.0.19 (23 November 2023) Changes:

Added Flac support

Reduced power consumption for idle cards

MainApp Version

Release 4.0.17 (26th July 2023) Changes:

Download SoundTrap Host Software V4.0.17 For Windows 32 bit

Download SoundTrap Host Software V4.0.17 For Windows 64 bit

MainApp Ver

Added LSM303AGR accelerometer for ST640

Release 4.0.16 (29th June 2023) Changes:

Added UTC option to card reader

Added audio test function

Improved file listing speed and responsiveness

Added ‘hide downloaded files’ checkbox feature

Added offload reporting

Fixed shutdown errors for clean file close

Removed click at start of file (when tones disabled)

Mainapp v4.0.0.8

Release 4.0.15 (22th March 2023) Changes:

Fixed Card reader startup bug

Faster SD card format in SoundTrapHost

Release 4.0.14 (17th March 2023) Changes:

Added file offload log

Added app and config crc check

Improved clock accuracy

Release 4.0.13 (1st Feb 2022) Changes:

Added ST400 MSP Support

Release 4.0.12 (1st Feb 2022) Changes:

Host bug fix to enable ST640 accelerometer

Release 4.0.11 (3rd Dec 2021) Changes:


Offloader 1.48

Added ST640 support

Release 4.0.10 (23rd July 2021) Changes:

Fixed ST500 bug – failing to boot with external cards

Offloader 1.47

Addded ST500Reebot.bin

Release 4.0.9 (18th May 2021) Changes:

Mainapp 4.0.9

Disabled main app Uart debug

Release 4.0.8 (17th May 2021) Changes:

Mainapp 4.0.8

Fixed ST4300 channel selection bug

Fixed MSP ver bug

Fixed ST500 firmware update card select bug

Release 4.0.7 (11th Feb 2021) Changes:

Fixed ST4300HF clock accuracy

Fixed ST4300 3 chan record bug

Fixed Serial number assignment bug

Release 4.0.5 (18th Feb 2021) Changes:

Adds SoundTrap ST600 support

Release 3.5.0 (31st May 2019) Changes:

Download SoundTrap Host Software V3.5 For Windows 32 bit

Download SoundTrap Host Software V3.5 For Windows 64 bit

Fixed SD card selection for ST500HF

Firmware Ver

Changed streaming baud rate to 230400 bps

Release 3.4.0 (27th Feb 2019) Changes:

Added ST streaming

Enabled 4 channel recording at 384 kHz

Release 3.3.3 (1 February 2019) Changes:

Serial number system changed

ST500HF support

ST200 gain setting bug fix

Main App ver

Offloader ver 1.42

Release 3.3.2 (20 September 2018) Changes:

Improved ST4300 clock accuracy

Fixed ST4300 restarts at high sample rates

Main App ver

Offloader ver 1.41

Release 3.3.1 (24 August 2018) Changes:

Support for ST500 with removable memory cards

Limited support for ST4300HF

XML Date/Time format standardisation

UTC Time zone option

Negative temperature bug fix

ST Card Reader Application

Firmware version

Offloader Ver 1.37

Release 2.0.10 (31 May 2017) Changes:

Fixed missing click detect meta data bug

Release 2.0.9 (24 February 2017) Changes:

Fix to multi-channel WAV file compatibility

Improvement to external battery pack switching

Bug fix for click detection without wav recording

Firmware release

MSP release 2.13 (update not enforced)

Release 2.0.8 (1 January 2017) Changes:

Support for four channel ST4300

Scheduler bug fixes

Release 1.3.9 (12 December 2016) Changes:

Click detector changes – max click count increased to 200k, and reset for new files

Main app

Release 1.3.8 (5 December 2016) Changes:

Improvements to battery voltage measurement

MSP Update required (v2.12)

Main app

Offloader 135b

Release 1.3.3 (5 May 2016) Changes:

Resolved external battery brown out fault

Resolved duty cycling bug

Release 1.3.0 (18 December 2015) Changes:

HF Click detector

Up to 15% power savings

GPS logging

Accelerometer logging

User manual update

PT updates

Release 1.2.9 (14 September 2015) Changes:

New lower sample rates

Faster file scan

Added ST300 high pass function

Added seamless schedule feature

Added external battery status check to IR remote

Added time stamps to sensor logs

Increases battery switch hysteresis

Improved status logging

Firmware display bug fix

Negative temperature log bug fix

Schedule 1 second error bug fix

Updates to Prod test

User manual update


MSP 209

Changes in 1.2.4.x (6/7/2015)

ST300 support

MSP ADC bug fix

I2C changes

Increased min sensor sample period to 10 s

Disabled accelerometer

Changes in 1.2.3.x

Fixed audio test function missing bit

Changes in 1.2.2.x

Fixed STOP function on IR remote

Changes in 1.2.1.x

2 x faster USB offload speed

Temperature and accelerometer logging

New 36 kHz sample rate (72 kHz for HF model)

User interface improvements

MSP update (note – update requires hardware reset with 9V battery)

Changes in 1.1.20.x

Fixed deploy window resizing

Changes in 1.1.19.x

Improved battery consumption on recent hardware.

Fixed occasional error messages when downloading large numbers of files.

Beta release software can be found here.