New SoundTrap Four Channel ST4300!

We’re very excited to announce the release of the SoundTrap ST4300 four channel acoustic recorder!

We’ve managed to squeeze ST4300four synchronous audio channels into a device the size of a can of beer, thereby bringing multi channel recording into the realm of small boats and scuba deployments.

While we like to leave it up to our customers to dream up the applications – two obvious ones are linear arrays for animal localisation and tetrahedral arrays for particle motion measurements.

With samples rates of up to 4 x 288 kHz, the ST4300 is in a league of its own – no other commercially available underwater acoustic recorder comes close in terms of performance, power consumption, versatility, size, and ease of use.

Check out the details here and get in contact regarding availability!

SoundTrap Click Detector!

Thanks to a collaboration between Ocean Instruments and the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) at the University of St Andrews, SoundTrap now has detection capabilities that we think may well change the way the world does marine mammal detection. The SoundTrap Click Detector, developed by Mark Johnson and Doug Gillespie at SMRU, allows you to turn your SoundTrap into a continuous recorder AND a click detector.

ST with dolphinEnjoy game changing detection technology:

  • Get two jobs done with one instrument. Configure your SoundTrap HF to simultaneously operate as an acoustic recorder and a high frequency click detector.
  • Get a list of click detections alongside continuous audio recordings – detection data includes event time, level, and ambient noise.
  • Remove the memory constraint by recording continuous audio at a low sample rate, while simultaneously capturing short audio snippets of each click detection at full 576 kHz sample rate.
  • Visualise, analyse and classify your detection data in PAMGuard.
  • Save countless hours of audio post processing.

By taking advantage of SoundTraps powerful digital signal processor, SMRU have created the most powerful click detector ever made available. And yet despite doing the job of two instruments in one, power consumption is still a fraction of anything else on the market – 70 days operation on 3 alkaline D cells!

These exciting capabilities are available in beta release software made available today.Best news of all? The new software will work on your existing SoundTrap HF recorders! We encourage you to download the beta software here and try it out now!

Contact us for more information.

Photo courtesy of Ben Burville


New SoundTrap 300 !!!

The much awaited SoundTrap 300 underwater acoustic recorder is now available for order! The latest SoundTrap builds on the success of the previous models with the following exciting new features:

  • Up to 70 days battery life with the optional external battery pack

  • Double the memory – up to 68 days continuous recording at 36 kHz 

  • High pass filter for high energy sites or towing

The optional external battery pack takes just 3 standard D cellST300 with Extern Batt - 70 days.9 batteries, yet provides up to 70 days of continuous recording. Small enough for easy diver deployment, yet strong enough to survive down to 500 m depth.

Check out the details here for more information.

We are now accepting orders for ST300’s, for delivery in August. Both LF and HF versions are available with 60 and 150 kHz respective bandwidths.

The external battery pack is undergoing final testing, and should be available for order early June. Check out the online store for pricing.


SoundTrap Software Update Available

Sudar-202-mediumWe’ve just released new SoundTrap software (v1.2.x) in the downloads section. It has many cool new features and improvements, including:

  • Temperature and accelerometer logging
  • Two times faster USB offload 
  • Power consumption reduced by 10%
  • Additional lower sample rate – 36 kHz

Warning – you’ll need a 9V battery handy for updating existing SoundTraps (in order to activate the MSP update lock) – just a warning so no one gets caught up the Amazon without a 9V.

Enjoy, and remember – feedback always welcome!


SoundTrap calibration data now available online!

Good news – factory calibration data for your SoundTrap is now available online! This will come as great relief for those of us not so good at keeping track of paper records. Simply enter the serial number of your SoundTrap and bingo – full calibration details.

Give it a whirl here

We intend to build upon this so that calibration data can be picked up by Matlab or PAMGuard in order to ensure you’re always using the correct calibration data – stay posted…


New SoundTrap 202HF

The SoundTrap 202HF is now available for purchase. It features a similar specification to the standard 202 model, but with 150 kHz bandwidth. With a super fast sample rate of up to 576 kS/s, it’s proving popular with marine mammal researchers. Check it out here.


New SoundTrap 202!

The new SoundTrap 202 is available for purchase. Similar specification to the previous model, but with a double battery/data capacities. Record time is now up to two weeks continuous! Check out the specs here.

Sudar 201.6



SUDAR Calibration Coupling

Here’s a pic of the SUDAR low frequency calibration setup. SUDAR’s factory calibration is performed using two methods. First a tank calibration is done using a sound source and a reference receiver.  The pulse method is used to avoid reflections. Unfortunately the test tank size constrains this to a minimum frequency of about 4kHz, below which the required pulse length becomes too short to get an accurate measure.

For low frequency response I use a 250Hz sound calibrator. At this low frequency the response of the hydrophone in air is a very close to that in water, making it a super simple measurement


A Centre technology model 327 250Hz 94 dB sound calibrator is used for the sound source. This is coupled to the hydrophone with a custom coupler, which allows the addition of sound meter. I use a Bruel & Kjaer 2236 Class 1 sound meter to be certain that the hydrophone is subjected to the prescribed pressure.

I’m in the process of getting a batch of the couplers made to make available for those that wish to do their own calibrations. These can be be used with most calibrators or piston phones with a 1″ port. I’ll make another post here once they arrive.

Happy Calibrations


SUDAR Boards

I’ve received the latest batch of SoundTrap boards which I’m making available for purchase. These boards measure 36×76 mm and consume less than 60 mW while sampling at 260 kHz. Perfect for those wanting to embed acoustic recording into an existing housing.

Email me for more details.