SoundTrap ST600 HF – Long Term Recorder

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The SoundTrap ST600 HF is a self-contained underwater sound recorder for long term ocean deployments. The ST600 features the lowest power consumption of any underwater acoustic recorder available, coupled with beautiful audio fidelity thanks to super low self-noise and wide 150 kHz bandwidth.

Key features:

  • Up to 150 days battery endurance on 12 Panasonic NCR18650 rechargeable batteries
  • 4 x microSD provide up to 2 TB of removable data storage
  • Bandwidth 20 Hz – 150 kHz 
  • Sample rate up to 384 kS/sec
  • Rugged Titanium housing
  • Removable protective hydrophone cage
  • Up to 500m depth rating
  • Long term recorder – suitable for up to 1 year deployments 

The ST600 is optimized for long term deployments. They can accommodate up to 12 lithium ion rechargeable batteries and 2TB of microSD memory, delivering up to 150 days of continuous recording. The batteries and memory are field swappable, allowing for fast turn around in the field.

Rated to 200m depth. Upgradeable to 500m by installing an optional Prevco 01104-001 pressure relief value from here.

Price includes 150 kHz integrated hydrophone, 256GB of memory, remote, cables and software.

Click see here for the full ST600 specification sheet. And here for the endurance calculator spreadsheet.

ST600 recorders use Panasonic NCR18650B (flat top) lithium ion batteries. Batteries are are not supplied with the recorders due to battery shipping restrictions. They are available in most countries and we recommend purchasing  in the country in which the recorders are to be used to avoid air transport issues.

A battery charger will also be required. We recommend the XTAR VC4 or similar.

Please note this product has up to 10 weeks production lead time. Please contact us to confirm.


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