SoundTrap ST300 HF – Compact Recorder

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Unfortunately our ST300 recorders are unavailable until further notice. Supply chain issues mean we cannot accept ST300 orders until things return to normal. Meanwhile we can supply ST600 recorders. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


The SoundTrap 300 HF is a higher frequency version of the standard 300 model, ideal for marine mammal research. It features a wide bandwidth spherical transducer element which increases bandwidth to 150 kHz.

  • Bandwidth 20 Hz – 150 kHz 
  • Sample rate up to 576 kS/sec
  • Noise floor less than 38 dB re 1 μPa above 2 kHz
  • Internal rechargeable battery for up to 13 days continuous recording
  • Switch-able high pass filter for towing or high energy sites
  • 256 GB of memory 
  • Short term recorder – suitabe for up to 1 month deployment

See here for further details.

Price includes hydrophone, memory, cables, dummy plug, remote and software.

This product currently has a 10 week production lead time, plus a week for global shipping.


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