SoundTrap acoustic recorders come in two form factors – the compact ST300 series and the long term ST500 series. Because there is a lot of cross over between these product lines we have created this page to help customers decide which of these best fits their needs.

Here’s a table outlining the key differences:

ST300ST300 with Ext Batt PackST500
Max battery life (continuous recording)14 days70 days180 days
Max memory256GB256GB1TB
BatteriesInternal, rechargeableInternal rechargeable, plus 3 x D cells9 x D cells
Memory and battery field swappableNoNoYes
User must maintain O’Ring seals to avoid damageNoNoYes
Requires experience/training to deployNoA littleYes
Weight in air with batteries loaded0.5 kg2.4 kg4.2 kg
Typical mooring weight10kg20 kg30 kg
Price for STD version (256GB)$2950$4300$5500


The ST500 series are designed specifically for long term deployments (~6 months to 1 year). This comes at a cost in terms of usability, meaning they require more experience and care to successfully deploy. However if recording duration is your primary concern, they can’t be beaten.

If deploying for shorter periods, then the compact ST300 series are easier to use. Their small size, weight and ease of deployment have made them very popular. Hence why they’re are still our favorite recorder for short to medium deploys (up to ~6 months).