SoundTrap ST300 STD – Compact Recorder

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The SoundTrap 300 STD is a compact self-contained underwater sound recorder for ocean acoustic research. It offers a working frequency range of 20 Hz to 60 kHz, making it suitable for bioacoustic work. It also features very low self-noise making it ideal for aquatic noise measurements.

  • Bandwidth 20 Hz – 60 kHz 
  • Sample rate up to 288 kS/sec
  • Noise floor less than 35 dB re 1 μPa above 2 kHz
  • Internal rechargeable battery for up to 13 days continuous recording
  • Optional external battery allows up to 70 days continuous recording
  • Switch-able high pass filter for towing or high energy sites
  • 256 GB of memory 

See here for further details.

Price includes hydrophone, memory, cables, dummy plug and software.

CR2032 batteries for the IR remote controls are NOT included. Unfortunately we are no longer able to include these due to lithium battery air freight restrictions. However they are widely available from drug stores, office supply, supermarkets etc. RS components part number is 597-201.

SoundTrap STD recorders currently have a 6 week production lead time. Please contact us to confirm.

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